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  1. 6 Ways to Reduce Stress

    Nutramedix supplements relax medix used to reduce stress by a healthy woman

    Life is never stress-free. Whether emotional or physical, stress is a normal part of being human. It’s the body’s response to a change or challenge – even exercise puts your body under stress. You often can’t control what causes stress, but you can control how you react to it. And finding ways to relieve stress will help you handle stressful situations.

    Regardless of how your body handles stress or how stress manifests for you, it’s important to take time each day to reduce stress so you can find relief and it doesn’t become overwhelming. Without doing so your mental and physical health may suffer.

    Practice Self-Care

    It’s easy to get caught up in everything that must get done – from work, to school, to house, to spouse – before you know it there’s no time for yourself. While it’s not a bad thing to take care of others, it’s difficult to do so if you’re not filling your own cup. Aim to carve out time each day, or as often as possible, for self-care.

    Here are some simple self-care reminders:

    • Grab a workout
    • Meet up with a friend for coffee
    • Get your hair done, nails done, etc.
    • Practice mindful breathing
    • Take a bath
    • Accept an offer of help
    • Eat nutritious foods regularly
    • Give yourself time between meetings or appointments
    • Delegate tasks like grocery shopping, chores, picking up the kids, etc.
    • Take a walk
    • Play with your kids
    • Take a cat nap
    • Go to therapy
    • Read a book or veg out to your favorite show or movie

    Get Moving

    Taking part in regular physical activity helps reduce stress and boost mood. Not only that, there’s nothing like accomplishing a workout and feeling like a million bucks afterwards.

    You don’t have to be a fitness pro to reap the benefits of exercise and there are many ways to improve your fitness...

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  2. 6 Ways to Improve Your Fitness

    A fit woman exercising at the gym and lifting weights

    It’s never too late to start working out. In fact, exercise can improve health conditions even if you start at an older age. Exercising regularly  can be challenging, if it’s not already apart of your routine.  Fortunately, there’s ways to jumpstart your fitness so that getting out the door remains the hardest part.   

    Support Your Immune System   

    A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats will help maximize the strength of your immune system. Choosing a supplement like VitalMedix liquid extract can give you added support. VitalMedix, when taken as directed, provides an immediate support to your immune system.    

    Plus, liquid extracts have faster absorption and bioavailability providing rapid immune system support, you can mix several liquid extracts together. For example, couple VitalMedix with Barberry (a root extract rich in powerful antioxidants) and you’ve got dynamic support for a healthy immune system.   

    Prioritize Sleep   

    Sleep is not always easy to come by. While some people claim they’re able to recharge on the bare minimum, the reality is adults need 7+ hours of sleep each night to reset, recharge, and stay healthy. If you’re not getting enough quality sleep at night, your energy levels and strength during workouts will suffer. On the other hand, both exercise and sleep exert positive benefits on each other. That means that getting more sleep helps you improve your fitness, while working out regularly helps improve your sleep. Now that is a Win-win!    


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  3. Hate swallowing pills? Try liquid extracts instead!

    Hate swallowing pills? Try liquid extracts instead!
    Lots of people have trouble swallowing pills. The experience is far from pleasant and can cause gaging, vomiting, or choking. This can turn into a fear of swallowing pills, tablets, and capsules, which hinders people from getting the vital compounds they need.
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