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We all need a little balance! Samento is recognized for promoting a balanced immune system.



Experience Our Holistic Process

Our story with herbal supplements begins with powerful plants, the Creator’s gifts that we honor throughout every step of our process.

The Leaves Were Used For Medicine To Heal The Nations

We are not here to take — we are here to listen with humility, to learn selflessly, to collaborate willingly. This is God’s company and we are its stewards.

Give Back

At NutraMedix we believe in radical generosity. NutraMedix is a giving engine that each year donates a minimum of 50% of our profits to further God’s Kingdom. Whether it is feeding the hungry, rescuing orphans, supporting widows or equipping pastors, our greatest joy is serving the broken, hurting and hopeless in Jesus’ name.

The Story of Samento

An herbal supplement company often has, at its heart, one singular plant that connects back directly to its founders’ story and mission — a botanical that was instrumental in helping the company evolve while supporting the health and wellness of its customers.For NutraMedix, that plant is Samento. Learn about our journey to today’s liquid supplements.

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