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Can I pre-mix NutraMedix drops?

You may premix up to 48 hours in advance.

How many drops are in a bottle?

There are 600 drops in each 1oz bottle and 1200 drops in each 2oz bottle of our liquid products.

My child is taking NutraMedix products. Is the dosing different for a child?

The recommended doses for NutraMedix products are intended for an average size adult that weighs between 120-170 pounds. For children 4 and older, for every 30 pounds, a fourth of the dose is recommended.

Are NutraMedix products compatible?

All NutraMedix products are compatible with one another.

Are NutraMedix products free of yeast and mold?

Yes. All NutraMedix products are thoroughly tested to ensure this.

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