Discover the Amazon’s Powerful Immune-Supporting Botanicals*

Amazing herbs from the Amazon rainforest - blended and synergized to help maintain, promote, and support the body’s natural immune response.*

Get support for the following:

  • Everyday anxiety*
  • Healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Cardiovascular support*
  • Normal inflammation response*
  • Microbes*
  • Mood*
  • Sleep*
  • Stress*

Maintain the Health and Integrity of Your Immune System

Stress, poor diet, moodiness, and lack of sleep can negatively affect your body's immune system.
Every day we face unhealthy foods, stressful events, and other triggers that our body defends us from. Every system in our body has a part to play in our collective immune system. And each system should self-regulate in concert with the rest of the body. Unfortunately, we are chronically deficient in many areas, and that negatively affects our ability to maintain optimal health.
Actively maintaining and protecting optimal immune function of every body system is paramount to our health. Being mindful and proactive about our immune system function and balance can help us with our overall health.
Did you know that the immune system rejuvenates itself every 100 days?

Things That Can Impact Our Immunity

Mood & Emotions

Whether it is the mood that stresses the immune system, or whether it is a weak immune system that affects the mood, what is clear is the correlation between the two.

Anxiety & Sleep

We all experience occasional anxiety and stress. And these periods can impact our immune system because of the release of stress hormones. They also can impact your sleep. Restorative sleep improves your health, strengthens your immune system, impacts your mood, and boosts your productivity.

Healthy Glucose & Metabolic Support

Healthy digestion, weight maintenance, and blood sugar balance are all important for healthy immune system function.

Unleash the Power of Samento

In South America, a rare form of cat’s claw grows, which the indigenous people of Peru call Samento.
There are thousands of different plants called cat’s claw (Una de Gato in Spanish), but Samento is the one species we need, and it is actually what it doesn’t have that makes it so powerful: Tetracyclic Oxindole Alkaloids (TOAs) counteract most of the immune-supporting factors in other cat’s claw supplements. That’s why cat’s claw is not an herb that people think of for immune support.

Samento is important because it is the world’s only all-natural TOA-free cat’s claw. As a result, it is able to help maintain optimal immune system health without stimulating it.* And it is exclusively harvested for NutraMedix.
But the power of Samento to support the immune system comes from how it synergizes with other herbs.*

Samento Synergy

More Than 5 Million Bottles of Samento Sold Worldwide Since 2000
Our scientists have discovered that Samento amplifies the effects of specific herbs. We synergized Samento with well-known herbs for specific functions: sleep, mood, and metabolism. We then conducted university research and scientific studies to understand the impact that Samento had on their efficacy. 

The results were impressive.


Samento + Amantilla
Properly used, Amantilla (valerian) can be instrumental in a relaxation protocol. And when synergized with Samento, its calming effects are amplified. Managing the stress of the day before bedtime promotes restorative sleep, great for the immune system.*


Samento + Stevia
Stevia has long been used as a ‘zero-calorie’ sweetener, but research shows how beneficial it is for blood sugar support. Synergized with Samento, this unique combination promotes immune health by supporting healthy blood sugar.*


Samento + Avea
We combined Samento with Avea (curcumin) to support healthy oxygen flow in the brain and a healthy mood. It is a powerful one-two punch to support balanced moods while promoting a positive response to everyday stressors, resulting in positive support for your immune system.*

The NutraMedix Process

What makes these Medix products so effective?
We begin with a holistic approach to production. Each ingredient addresses health, economic, social, spiritual, and environmental well-being. We choose herbs for their quality, then scientifically validate their efficacy and safety.
our process steps: searching for plants, harvest raw materials, bark drying, bark griding, product testing, extract bottle, raw materials, ready for you
  • Beyond fair trade: We pay fair and honest wages to support local economies.
  • Honoring herbal traditions: We recognize the spiritual bonds between people and herbs.
  • Sustainable ecology: We support regenerating the land and protecting its biodiversity.
  • Science driven and tested: We test for vibrancy and safety, and scientifically test to confirm herb identity. We invest in clinical studies at major research institutions worldwide.