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  1. How to Sleep Better Through Daylight Savings Time

    sleep support supplement kit with liquid melatonin and relaxmedix used to adjust sleep to daylight savings time

    Falling backward during daylight savings time is the more accepted season of the year. Losing an hour of sleep can be difficult, but gaining an hour feels like a gift. Still, daylight savings time brings challenges regardless of the season. Getting darker earlier and light later not only confuses your kids, but also your circadian rhythm.

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  2. Here’s Why Sugary Foods & Drinks Should Be Limited

    a woman holding a lollipop and thinking about why sugary foods should be limited

    Though sugar isn’t bad for you, having too much can contribute to some major health risks.

    While there’s no one food, food group, or ingredient you can blame for getting sick, gaining weight, or worse, developing a chronic disease, eating, and drinking too much added sugar can increase your risk for all these things.

    There’s a difference between added sugar and foods naturally found in food. Most foods that naturally contain sugar also contain other nutrients that are good for your health – think fiber, water, protein, dietary fats, vitamins, and minerals. Added sugar provides little nutritional benefit beyond calories and energy from carbohydrates.

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  3. 6 Health Benefits of Magnesium

    two girls talking about magnesium benefits while stretching

    Magnesium is vital for the brain and body, but did you know this mineral is also involved in the health of your bones, blood sugar, sleep, and even exercise?

    You already know vitamins and minerals are important for optimal health. Nailing down specific ones can benefit you. Let’s give Magnesium a little love and focus on how this micronutrient mineral is helping you feel and be your best.

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