About Us - Nutramedix mission


Powerful Bioavailable Supplements For Today's Health Challenges

Since 1993, we have been faithfully producing high-quality, nutraceutical products. We believe that the best supplements are free of unnecessary additives, and we go directly to the source to ensure that our ingredients are as pure and raw as possible.


Our Products

With a full line that supports detox, microbial defense, and sleep/mood, all of our herbal supplements are strategically designed to encourage optimum health. We pride ourselves in our special product formulation process that keeps you and your unique needs a priority.

our process searching plants -> harvest raw materials -> bark drying -> bark griding -> product testing -> extract bottles -> raw materials -> ready for you

Our Process

We conduct extensive research to secure the highest quality raw materials from nature’s richest botanical resources. Our unique enhancement process optimizes the whole herb for a more powerful, broad-spectrum concentration.


Giving back has always been at the center of everything we do. Prior to starting the company in 1993, our company’s founder was a missionary pilot that aided tribal groups in Peru. Through this same heart of giving, NutraMedix was founded to not only help customers with our products, but also support non-profits that address the physical and spiritual needs of people around the globe.