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Finding Real Solutions to Reunite Families in Syria

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Anti-Government Demonstrations in Syria Spark Country-Wide Violence

About Mission ONE

Mission ONE is a faith-based organization that creates strategic and thoughtful solutions to help transform communities for the better. When a community’s survival is on the line because of war, oppression, or natural disaster, Mission ONE’s goal is to provide immediate help and support where it’s needed the most, inspiring people across the globe in some of their darkest moments.
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NutraMedix has a long-standing relationship with Mission ONE. We deeply believe in work to provide support for businesses, schools, and medical facilities in communities where it is greatly lacking. We are grateful to know that our donations to their initiatives are helping to get people back on their feet.
In March of 2011, the Syrian government crackdowns on the public’s anti-government demonstrations turned to violence. Not only did this spark country-wide alarm, it led to a massive wave of refugees desperately fleeing for their lives, and the tension continued to build.
ISIS wreaked havoc and destruction throughout Syria leading to more than 500,000 deaths, and even more injured and displaced. Syrians were feeling intense pressure and concern for their well-being, and the state of the country continued to grow increasingly worse.
Since March of 2011, while more than 5.6 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes, another 6.6 million are internally displaced throughout the country. The majority of refugees have fled to nearby areas such as Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Responding With Grace to the Ongoing Syrian Refugee Crisis

Mission ONE’s field offices in Lebanon have responded to the refugee crisis for many years, with a holistic vision in mind to provide a caring and welcoming environment for these refugees spiritually, physically, emotionally, and educationally.
Resources are scarce in Lebanon, with the increasing needs and surge of refugee families. There are ‘safe’ areas in Syria, but for families returning to the country, they face great security risks, which typically results in families separating for safety reasons.
While Mission ONE’s work continues in many cities throughout Lebanon, the biggest challenge is to help those displaced begin the work of rebuilding their lives, locating their families, and re-establishing their communities again in Syria. This process is also known as ‘repatriation’.
Repatriation work is an arduous and multi-faceted process, one which must be done with the utmost care and concern for all who are involved. Many of these families are eager to be reunited with their loved ones so they can begin to build back their once flourishing communities in Syria, but there are a number of concerns when it comes to returning home.

Saving Lives Through the Repatriation and Self-Reliance Project

Families that have lived through the trauma of war are desperate for a sense of familiarity and peace. With the help of Mission ONE, the Repatriation and Self-Reliance Project was created, which combined both a practical and sustainable way for refugees to begin the repatriation process to return home.
The Repatriation and Self-Reliance Project helps Syrian refugees establish both a business and a shelter, before returning back to their country, so they may hit the ground running to rebuild their communities and provide for their families.

A Holistic Plan for a Better Life Back Home

The Repatriation and Self-Reliance Project is broken into two phases, with focuses on building a home and income-generating projects.

Phase one:

Families participating in the program begin the process of returning home by selling their possessions and applying for any appropriate paperwork they may need to make their return. Once families obtain the appropriate paperwork, they will be able to cross the border and begin the second phase of the repatriation process, which includes rebuilding their home, developing a sustainable business plan, and taking the necessary steps to start that business.

Phase two:

Working with a team on the ground, families will begin their businesses within six months of returning to the country. After one year, the business should be at a place where it is making a profit to provide for the family, and offers job opportunities to others in the community.
The Repatriation and Self-Reliance Project not only provides families with things that are needed for basic survival, but strategically provides them with the opportunity to live, thrive, and take pride in their work.
As these families slowly start to return to their homes in Syria armed with the new tools to succeed, they will help to contribute to the entire community. Through their new businesses, their homes, and their dedication to modeling a life of honor with faith and grace, they will gain back their independence and ensure a brighter future for their families.

What Mission ONE Hopes to Achieve

Throughout the course of this project, Mission ONE has set two goals:
  • 2020 Goal: Place at least 5 Syrian Refugee Families
  • 2021 Goal: Place at least 20 Syrian Refugee Families
These goals not only include helping to place these families in a better situation, but the criteria is that by 2021, 25 refugee families will have a home built that they are residing in, a business started with a plan to ensure and maintain financial stability over the course of a one year period, and if applicable, for the children of the family to start (or restart) their education.
This is an ongoing initiative that continues to inspire hope and provide support to Syrian refugees. NutraMedix remains in constant communication with Mission ONE and this ongoing initiative will continue to be updated as we receive more good news from the volunteers on the ground.

What You Can Do to Support the Syrian Refugee Project

As of today, three families were returned to their homes in Syria last year, and two more are in the process right now. Each of them are working toward a business plan to get back on their feet and continue to build back their economy.
Want to support Mission ONE yourself? Donate to them directly, make sure to check out their work around the world, and see the direct impact you can make on Syrian families.
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