KôZ International

Extending a Helping Hand to Urban Communities Affected by COVID-19

At NutraMedix, we believe in radical generosity. We consider ourselves a giving engine, powered by you. Each year, NutraMedix donates a minimum of 50% of our profits to critically important causes across the globe. Whether it’s feeding the hungry or helping build schools for the less fortunate, we are dedicated to giving back to those in need around the world.

Our goal is to surpass $100 million in giving by 2030, and it starts with giving initiatives such as this one.


Food Was Scarce, Stress Was Mounting

About KôZ International

KôZ was created to help poor urban youth and their families move out of extreme poverty in the Philippines by providing education, opportunity, and hope. There are over one billion people in the world living in densely populated urban environments struggling to make ends meet. With so many families making less than $2 a day, youth often choose to work instead of going to school to help bring additional income in for their families to survive.
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KôZ’s goal is to give students the training, development, and support they need to thrive. In the process, they thread the hope of the gospel into everything they do to help inspire faith in their futures. Developing students with solid, Christ-centered identities is critical to KôZ’s mission and the school’s success.
KôZ sponsors a school in Cainta, Rizal, which is located just southeast of Manila, Philippines. It provides a holistic education experience specifically geared toward enrolling at-risk youth without access to traditional education. The alternative learning system KôZ uses offers opportunities to children aged 13+ to pursue their education–from primary school through college–with the support, encouragement, and love of caring teachers and leaders invested in their well-being. KôZ is dedicated to providing education, opportunity, and hope to urban, at-risk youth in the Philippines to lead them away from the path of poverty, addiction, suicide, slavery, and hopelessness.
Due to COVID-19, many people in Manila were not able to work or provide for their families. Families were struggling mentally and physically. In many cases, both fathers and mothers would work multiple jobs but were still unable to earn enough money to provide adequate meals or sufficient financial security to protect and care for their families.
The families in this community were (and continue to be) in dire need of help and aid during the pandemic. The city-wide shutdowns forced the most vulnerable to lose their only means of work. Supplying basic food and supplies was the only way to ensure that they would stay healthy during this trying time and their children would remain safe and cared for.

Creating a Network of Relief

KôZ International already knew the challenges that the communities in Manila faced because they were working and living in it. Watching people they knew suffer was not an option. KôZ set out to provide relief to poor, urban communities that were not able to work due to local COVID-19 restrictions.
KôZ offered a message of hope by quickly raising support to assist in their relief efforts. By acquiring local supplies and utilizing their established network, KôZ began to organize and distribute the food and goods these families desperately needed to meet the community’s growing needs. KôZ has helped provide food for up to 4,000 people in the area on a weekly and monthly basis throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and continues to offer its services today.

Continuing to Foster an Educational Environment

Many families in these poor, urban communities cannot afford the necessities to meet their basic nutritional and educational needs. KôZ’s hope is to help families keep their kids healthy and in school before the weight of financial struggle creates a domino effect that leads to children dropping out of school to pursue income. Kids of any age that drop out of school are at-risk.
To support students who are living under the stress of these extremely difficult circumstances and conditions, KôZ made sure to foster an environment in which students could stay in school by continuing their education online, while still providing them with the necessary food and resources they needed to survive. Offering up the technological resources they had at their disposal, as well financial aid, KôZ made sure these students were still learning, growing, and supported, despite the difficulty of the pandemic and the less than ideal circumstances it brought with it.

Support At-Risk Youth and Their Families in the Philippines

Often, the poor are disproportionately affected by disaster, without the resources so many of us take for granted, like food and shelter.
KôZ International is a 100% volunteer organization. The school and its students are supported financially by KôZ Sponsors. Sponsorships and donations provide qualified teachers, leadership developers, nutritious meals, basic medical and dental assistance, secure learning facilities, school supplies, and a guaranteed education through college. All of their students will either graduate from college or a qualified vocational training institute because of this.
Every contribution made to KôZ will go directly to assisting and supporting the families in Manila that continue to be in desperate need of help. KôZ International is their safety net, and by supporting this cause, through prayer, share, or donation, you can make a difference in the lives of so many children and their families.
We partner with KôZ because we fully support and believe in the important work they do. They are changing the lives of so many families and helping to spread the word of the gospel while they do it. Please join us in supporting their mission and consider donating to KôZ International today.
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