Empowering the People of Zimbabwe to Be Stewards of Their Food, Faith, Family & Finances

At NutraMedix, we believe in radical generosity. We consider ourselves a giving engine, powered by you. Each year, NutraMedix donates a minimum of 50% of our profits to critically important causes across the globe. Whether it’s feeding the hungry or helping build schools for the less fortunate, we are dedicated to giving back to those in need around the world.

Our goal is to surpass $100 million in giving by 2030, and it starts with giving initiatives such as this one.

 100% of the profits from our product, Vitalmedix, go to the I WAS HUNGRY initiative. 

How it Began: The Foundations for Farming Agricultural Retreat


Foundations for Farming, one of the world’s leading experts in conservation agriculture training, and Crown Financial Ministries, the world’s largest stewardship training organization, have come together to create I WAS HUNGRY. This exciting and powerful partnership began developing over a decade ago bringing a whole new dynamic to traditional poverty alleviation efforts. The goal of this partnership is to bring about a solution that could potentially end chronic, generational hunger and dependency.
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I WAS HUNGRY helps those in impoverished regions learn how to faithfully steward their local resources to become the world’s best farmers.
With a common mission to bring about real transformation in individuals, communities, and the world, and a vision to provide a REAL solution to generational poverty, the natural alliance between Foundations for Farming and Crown Financial Ministries offers powerful tools and support to farmers throughout Zimbabwe and Namibia, Africa.
I WAS HUNGRY envisioned a world where those in need can free themselves from chronic hunger, outside dependency, and poverty. This vision comes to life through an in-depth, holistic training and mentoring program.
This training program empowers the people of Zimbabwe and Namibia to be stewards of their food, faith, family, and finances. It take this system and expands it globally to ensure other countries and communities could benefit from its success as well.
Working together, the volunteers and farmers that make up I WAS HUNGRY work to empower people who are dependent on the land with the best agricultural skills possible.
Conservation agriculture taught in the training program is imperative to the preservation of vital topsoil that prevents future decreases in crop yield. It is the best defense against famine.
I WAS HUNGRY believes that hunger, dependency, and poverty could be eradicated if a farmer is capable of spreading the knowledge, skills, and hope they have received from this training program to their village and neighboring communities. Here are some core farming and management principles taught.

Core farming methods:

  • No plowing, to ensure as minimal soil disturbance as possible.
  • Use mulch rather than burning.
  • High-level crop management and crop rotation.

Faithfully applied management principles:

  • Be on time. Always plan ahead and prepare early.
  • Don’t take shortcuts. Be honest and honorable in all that you do.
  • Don’t waste time, soil, water, seed, labor, energy, or opportunity.
  • Work with joy, because if you do this work faithfully and thankfully, you will be gifted with strength and there will be no need for fear.

Growth in More Ways Than One

By training farmers to both steward and harvest from their land, I WAS HUNGRY teaches and models the character of Christ—offering humility, unselfish giving, and the faith that they too can overcome any challenge they may face.
Agricultural skills bring about a substantial increase in crop yields, and by offering financial training to manage the increase in resources, the people of Zimbabwe and Namibia can feel empowered to create the life they want to live. I WAS HUNGRY also includes an additional training component by Family Impact, that strengthens the family unit. All three components are vital to bringing an end to hunger, dependency, and poverty.
Donor support led to 30+ I WAS HUNGRY training classes in 5 years, producing over 900 program graduates.
I WAS HUNGRY graduates are then commissioned to go out and train others in their community and surrounding villages. It is estimated that each graduate will share the training with at least 10 others, greatly multiplying its impact. With this in mind, the total estimated reach for the work and training classes provided is on average, over 9,000 individuals trained.

Learn How You Can Support This Mission

This scalable training program offers a wealth of opportunities from the smallest garden to the largest commercial farm. Crown Financial Ministries and Foundations for Farming have created a comprehensive approach to empower farmers in the three areas they need it most: farming, family, and finances. You can support the expansion of the Foundations for Farming and Crown vision to the nations of the world by donating.
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