Dunklin Memorial Church

Offering Meaningful Direction to Men Suffering From Chemical Addiction

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NutraMedix has also hired seven people who have completed Dunklin Memorial Church’s program and fully support this mission and the grace it promotes.

About Dunklin
Memorial Church

Known as a “City of Refuge” in Okeechobee, Florida, Dunklin Memorial is committed to ministering the gospel of Jesus Christ to men and their families, who have become trapped in chemical addiction through a 10-month rehabilitation and residential program.
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Dunklin Memorial Church is a Christian non-profit organization founded in 1962 by Mickey Evans and his wife, Laura Maye. The idea came to its founder in a dream, where God inspired him to start a “camp” for alcoholics to finally find the relief and freedom from their addiction they were so desperately looking for.

Dunklin Memorial Church is dedicated to rescuing men from their addiction, encouraging them to find a relationship with Jesus, and restoring them to their families and friends through the message of the gospel.

Giving Hope to Men, Their Marriages, and Their Families

Dunklin Memorial Church offers a holistic approach to addiction that focuses on the spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, and relational needs of men as they struggle to deal with their addiction. For so many men, they are trapped in the cycle of addiction and find it hard, if not impossible, to see a way out.
Through a 10-month regeneration program, drug addicts and alcoholics have the hope and empathy they need to make a change in their lives for the better. Dunklin Memorial Church creates a welcoming community for men to share and work through the issues of their addictions and how it’s affecting their marriages, families, and close personal relationships.

Promoting Self-Love, Trust and Faith Through Times of Hardship

Dunklin Memorial Church is a special place that empathizes with men struggling with addiction, offering hope to those who are hurting. In fact, the executive director himself was once in that dark place, understanding first hand how addiction can lead to a path of self-doubt, loss, and shame.
The program offered by Dunklin Memorial Church helps men embrace a healthy future and shows them there is more to life by following the Lord’s word than remaining in a constant state of affliction and continuing on with toxic patterns. This program teaches that there is hope and change possible through an authentic, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and with this simple realization, so many are set free from their addiction.

From Transformation to Regeneration

Offering a 68-bed facility that works with approximately 150 men per year, Dunklin Memorial Church provides an opportunity for a new life. The goal is not just being drug-free, but learning how to walk in their divine purpose and apprehend their lives with the passion they once had before their affliction.
Since 1962, Dunklin Memorial Church has worked with over 8,000+ men and their families. The impact of each man being set free and the ripple effect this has on the people around them is immeasurable.

Supporting the Dunklin Memorial Church and Its Mission

NutraMedix is committed to supporting this mission and is so very grateful to support such an important cause.
If this resonates with you, please also consider donating to Dunklin Memorial Church so they continue to provide life-saving services and support for men who are in desperate need. There are three ways that you can help Dunklin Memorial Church and its mission:
  • Join us in prayer and keep these men in your thoughts.
  • If you are willing and have the means, please consider donating, here.
  • Share the work that Dunklin Memorial Church is doing and help reach men in need of their assistance.
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