The owners of Nutramedix have been involved in international Christian ministry since the 1980s. Prior to starting the company in 1993, its Founder and President was a missionary pilot aiding tribal groups in Peru. It was through this heart of reaching out to others, that the Kairos Foundation was created in 1995 to fund projects that address both the physical and spiritual needs of people in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. The foundation provides ongoing financial support for organizations operating in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, North America and South America.

International Street Kids
Starting in Brazil and now reaching over 21 nations worldwide, International Street Kids reaches out to the most neglected and unloved children seeking to rescue abandoned and homeless children from the street and placing as many as possible in loving homes. In addition, they operate feeding centers in Africa, providing meals for orphaned children in Botswana and for war orphans from Angola living in refugee camps in Namibia.

Jesus Film Project (Campus Crusade for Christ)
This feature length movie, portraying the life of Christ, has been translated into 960 languages and has recently been released in an updated DVD version with an accompanying apologetic for the Christian faith; we support teams of National workers that show the film in their own countries.

Mission ONE
We provide monthly support for over 50 national pastors and missionaries serving in their home countries of India, Pakistan, Uganda, Nepal, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Algeria, Cyprus, Lebanon, Thailand and Indonesia.

The King's Wings
The King’s Wings provides air transportation for Christian organizations operating in the Caribbean. We provide monthly funding for operating the aircraft, and the president of our company serves on the Board of Directors and regularly volunteers his time as a pilot.

Romania Evangelistic Medical Missions
We provide monthly funding to assist the physical and spiritual needs of the poor through medical clinics, Christian orphanages and a home for widows and the elderly. In addition to new churches, discipleship, ministering to street children and supporting missionaries, poverty relief is provided in villages and self-sufficiency continues through a farm and greenhouse.

United Servants Abroad
Through USA, we provide funding for evangelical work among the most remote Indian peoples in the Peruvian jungle. We also provide support for the Shipibo Bible Institute, a Bible training center for Indian pastors in Pucallpa, Peru.

Upper Room Mission
Located in Dalton, Georgia, they help to care for the needs of the homeless and the physically and mentally impaired.

Bible Training Center for Pastors
Their mission is to provide theological training to the world’s untrained pastors and church leaders.

Camp Canaan
Located on a 150 acre island in the Catawba River outside Charlotte, NC, the newly developed facilities offer summer camps, retreats, and adventure programs with the goal of helping others find their purpose and hope while growing in a community of faith. Camp Canaan provides a truly unique camp experience in an environment where kids and young adults have the freedom to discover who God has made them to be.

Chapel Field Christian School
Chapel Field aims to prepare students academically to be successful at their next level of study, and to instill in each student a true sense of holiness and service to Jesus Christ. Located in upstate New York in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Chapel Field is a Christian school that blends the rigorous pursuit of academic excellence with social and athletic development – all within an environment that cultivates a passion for godliness.

Global Partners in Hope
GPiH Partners is a world relief organization whose mission is to bring hope to communities around the World through partnerships between peoples who can help and peoples who need hope.

Riverbank Church
Riverbank Church opened its doors on April 4, 2010 in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire/Vermont. In a region where less than 6% of the population goes to church, their goal is to build a church that creates growing followers of Christ through worship, community and Bible teaching.

Westminster Christian School
Located in Huntsville, Alabama, their mission is to educate Christian families, and to not only focus on the subjects being taught but also on the social, emotional, and spiritual maturation of their students.

These organizations and the ministries they are engaged in reflect the heart of our company. Nutramedix and The Kairos Foundation exist to generate resources that can be used to benefit the lives of underprivileged people all over the world. It is our highest responsibility and greatest privilege.