Medical CARE

Providing Medical Ministry

Many developing countries lack adequate hospitals, emergency transportation, and infrastructure, and face environmental factors that can often have a significant detrimental impact. Both increase the burden of death, disease, and disabilities.
In many cases, simple preventive measures exist to reduce these burdens, but it’s not enough. Countries facing these challenges need the support of people who know how to provide them the care that they need. Nonprofit organizations are integral to providing medical care, and not just to those people that are facing a crisis.

Learn more about the Medical causes we support below:

Dunklin Memorial Church

Offering Meaningful Direction to Men Suffering From Chemical Addiction

Okeechobee, Florida
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KôZ International

Extending a Helping Hand to Urban Communities Affected by COVID-19

Manilla, Philippines
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The King’s Wings Mission Flights

Providing Critical Relief in the Wake of Hurricane Dorian

The Bahamas
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United Servants Abroad

Improving the Quality of Life for as Many People as Possible in Peru

Pucallpa, Peru - South America
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