Supporting Those
Who Need Critical Care

Humanitarian crises present a critical threat to the health, safety, security, or wellbeing of a community spanning a wide area.
These kinds of emergencies often consist of armed conflicts, epidemics (and pandemics), famine, natural disasters, and anything that extends beyond the help of a single agency in the region. No matter what kind of disaster it is, survivors are usually left in urgent need of life-saving assistance including shelter, food, water, and health care.

The priority in any humanitarian response regardless of the kind of disaster is to save lives and reduce suffering by providing as much support as possible. How this support is achieved depends on what kind of emergency survivors are facing. For example, in armed conflicts and refugee situations, more effort is taken to protect the lives of the refugees and humanitarian workers.
In floods, hurricanes, or tsunamis, access to those affected can be extremely challenging, so each event must be carefully navigated in the most effective and expeditious way possible.

Each humanitarian crisis comes with its own set of challenges that must be responded to in unique and creative ways. There’s no one way to help. Other and less commonly known crises that still greatly affect people can include climate change, unplanned urbanization, under-development, and poverty, all which can contribute to humanitarian emergencies and make them even more complex, frequent, and severe.

Learn more about the Humanitarian Crisis causes we support below.

Dunklin Memorial Church

Offering Meaningful Direction to Men Suffering From Chemical Addiction

Okeechobee, Florida
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KôZ International

Extending a Helping Hand to Urban Communities Affected by COVID-19

Manilla, Philippines
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Mission One, New Vision

Finding Real Solutions to Reunite Families in Syria

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Samaritan's Purse, Hot Meals + Feeding Project

Serving Warm Food and Warmer Smiles to the People of Venezuela and Columbia

Cucuta, Columbia, and Venezuela
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Samaritan's Purse, Hope Center

Administering Life Saving Services to Venezuelans in Great Need

Cucuta, Columbia
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United Servants Abroad

Improving the Quality of Life for as Many People as Possible in Peru

Pucallpa, Peru - South America
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