Paving a Path for a Brighter Future

In underdeveloped countries, there is little access to quality education, and attending school often isn’t a priority. Instead, most family members work, including children. Unfortunately, with no education, the work is not only laborious but doesn’t pay well.
There is a learning crisis. And it continues because many education systems across the developing works have little information about children who are not attending school. As a result, it is difficult for educators to reach those unenrolled children. In addition, it’s difficult to know what skills future jobs will require, and often times, basic reading, writing, and math skills are not enough. Schools also must teach children how to interact with others, interpret information, form opinions, express creativity, learn how to communicate, collaborate, and how to be resilient.
When educational opportunities are nonexistent, youth can’t acquire the skills necessary to be productive, fulfilled, and involved citizens and workers later in life. We must find ways to facilitate learning, provide improving technology for learning, and strengthen the general sentiment for educating youth around the world.

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