Liquid Extracts – Samento

It’s long known and well documented that plants, herbs, and botanicals harbor powerful compounds that offer a host of health and well-being benefits. And with modern science, researchers and formulators are continually looking for a better way to utilize them.

While muddling dry herbs into a tea or consuming an herbal tablet does give you some benefits, the maximum dose is capped at how much you can take in at one time.

The solution – locate the correct plant parts that benefit and create a concentrated formula, or liquid herbal extract.

Why Liquid Extracts are More Potent

While most herbal extracts are available in capsule or tablet form, they’re just not as efficient at delivering the health benefits of herbals like Samento® where they’re needed. That’s because these formats of herbals are heavily processed often require more of the dry ingredient to reach maximum potential. If you can preserve the potency of the active compounds directly from the plant, you can achieve the best utilization of the compound without having to overload on the dose. This is accomplished best with liquid extracts.

Better Absorption and Bioavailability

When an herbal product is in solid or powder form, as in capsules or tablets, it’s much more difficult for the body to break down and digest.

Digestion begins in the mouth when you first eat or drink something. The process of chewing and saliva begin breaking down the food before swallowing. It then moves through the esophagus to the stomach where stomach acids continue to break it down. From there solids move through the digestive system into the intestines where much of the absorption takes place.

Liquids skip the chewing process and begin absorption in the mouth. That means liquids can be absorbed anywhere from the mouth to the stomach, to the intestines and move directly into the bloodstream.

For solids like tablets or capsules they must be metabolized in the liver before they can move into the bloodstream. And by then some of the potency may be lost.

Liquids can begin absorption within 1-2 minutes of consumption, while it takes at least 30 minutes to absorb pills, powders, and capsules.

That means liquid herbal extracts are more bioavailable than their solid counterparts. Not only does your body get immediate benefit from a liquid herbal extract, but it also gets to utilize more of it.

Bioavailability is the rate and fraction of the initial dose of a supplement or drug that reaches its intended biological destination.[9] The type of administration and dose have a large impact on how well an herbal supplement or drug is absorbed, or bioavailable.

The concentration of liquid extracts like Samento® means a more powerful dose that is more bioavailable to the human body. The process in which an herbal extract is developed into a liquid can influence how much of the herb is in the extract. Using the most bioavailable form of raw material, in its original unprocessed state makes for a more concentrated formulation that can deliver the herbal exactly where it’s needed.

More Precise Formulation

Herbal extracts in solid form as in tablets or capsules go through immense processing when they’re dried, ground, and stored which can cause them to lose much of their active components. Not to mention, they’re often processed with fillers, binders, and other ingredients required to help them hold their capsule form. Your body must work through all of this before it can digest and absorb the actual herb you intended to benefit from.

Easy to Take and Easy to Mix

Swallowing pills isn’t always an easy task, especially if they’re large or have an undesirable flavor. Liquid extracts are the answer.

Liquid extracts provide an authentic experience of the actual plant it’s derived from – through taste, smell, color, stimulating, or calming properties. This can be a more positive experience compared to taking a pill or capsule.

They’re also easy to take and easy to mix. You can adjust the amount you want to take based on your personal preferences. The most common way to take a liquid extract is by adding 1-30 drops into 4 to 8 ounces of water for the recommended dosage per day, as stated on the bottle, between meals.

Perfect for On-the-Go

Liquid extracts are convenient on-the-go as their small packaging can easily be tossed into your day bag, backpack, or luggage.

Are liquid extracts right for you?

Almost 60% of U.S. adults use herbal supplements.[8] It’s clear Americans are looking for ways to promote and balance their health, support their immune system, and manage stress. Liquid herbal extracts could be the solution.