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  1. 4 Ways Giving is Good for Your Health

    4 Ways Giving is Good for Your Health

    There’s never a better time for giving these days. Helping others out and giving back to the community are selfless acts that benefit both sides. And though it’s clear the recipient’s life will be made better by someone else’s good deed, seeing how it affects the giver may not be so easy to see.

    According to researchers, the link between giving, better health, and happiness is real. And while some people just love doing things for others, it’s good to know your body and mind can benefit too.

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  2. 6 Ways to Beat Holiday Shopping Stress

    6 Ways to Beat Holiday Shopping Stress

    Shopping early isn’t a bad idea if it means less stress leading into the holiday season. Maybe the stores putting out holiday merchandise and announcing sales in October are onto something. Or maybe everyone’s just excited for the holiday season to arrive. Either way, spending money, family, and social gatherings, beating the crowds, travel, eating, and hosting all contribute to stress during the holidays.

    Save time, stress, and money with these 6 tips to tackle holiday stress before it becomes a thing.

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  3. How to Sleep Better Through Daylight Savings Time

    sleep support supplement kit with liquid melatonin and relaxmedix used to adjust sleep to daylight savings time

    Falling backward during daylight savings time is the more accepted season of the year. Losing an hour of sleep can be difficult, but gaining an hour feels like a gift. Still, daylight savings time brings challenges regardless of the season. Getting darker earlier and light later not only confuses your kids, but also your circadian rhythm.

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