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  1. Supplements to Balance Hormones

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    Part of aging is coming to terms with the symptoms and side effects associated with it. But you do not have to go down easy. Taking steps to balance hormones naturally can help you slow the signs of aging and be in control of your body and health.

    Supplements are an effortless way to help balance hormones and reduce symptoms associated with aging.


    Effects of Hormone Imbalance

    The effect of a hormonal imbalance is different based on your gender.

    Hormonal imbalance as you age for women may look like inability to lose weight, hot flashes, depression, tiredness, and reduced quality of life.

    For men, a hormonal imbalance may result in reduced strength and energy, weight gain, depression, and reduced quality of life.

    Regardless of gender, a hormonal imbalance is a bleak reminder that you are getting older. Taking care of your body is essential for slowing the aging process. This includes regular physical activity, getting adequate and consistent sleep, maintaining a healthy body weight, reducing stress, and limiting added sugar, alcohol, and nicotine.

    Additionally, supplementing with natural herbs can restore many of the deleterious effects of aging.

    Choosing the right supplements for hormone balance is not an easy task. Men may balance hormones using Boost, while women could benefit from Hormonal Balance.


    Hormonal Balance

    Women benefit from a unique blend of herbal ingredients. Hormonal Balance for Women a liquid extract containing a proprietary blend of seven plant extracts was carefully formulated to help alleviate typical menopause symptoms or support a normal menstrual cycle naturally.

    Hot flashes, occasional insomnia, tiredness – it’s all the pits. Hormonal balance is designed to provide relief from those symptoms so you can feel energized and sweat-free no matter the time of day.


    Natural Boost

    Men have unique nee...

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  2. 5 Ways to Naturally Balance Your Hormones

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    Things change as you age. Saggy skin, wrinkles, forgetfulness, loss of energy, stamina, and even sex drive – it may feel like a downward spiral. Aging doesn’t have to be depressing. With a little effort, you can help slow the signs of aging by balancing your hormones. Here are health tips to show you how to fix hormonal imbalance.

    Signs of hormonal imbalance

    For women, hormonal imbalance could be the start of menopause. As you age, naturally your hormones change. There are several symptoms related to this hormonal change, namely the most common are hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and disrupted sleep. Additional symptoms associated with menopause hormones include depressive symptoms and cognitive impairment.[1] All of which can disrupt your quality of life and zap the mojo right out of you.

    For men, getting older means testosterone levels may waver. Symptoms of low testosterone include tiredness, lack of energy, reduced strength, frailty, loss of libido, decrease of sexual performance, depression, and mood change. Plus, there may be a correlation between low testosterone due to aging and disease states including osteoporosis Alzheimer’s disease, frailty, obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, heart failure, and ischemic heart disease.[2] Hormonal imbalance can therefore have a huge impact on your health. 

    Hormonal balance tips

    Balancing your hormones or helping preserve your hormone levels within normal ranges can help you regain that youthful feeling you may be missing. And if you can fix hormonal imbalance with natural remedies, even better. Thankfully, there are many natural remedies for hormonal imbalance in females and males alike. Here’s how to balance your hormones naturally, without a trip to the doctor.


    Exercise Regularly

    Physical activity plays a role in main...

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  3. 4 Ways to Stay Healthy Outside in the Spring

    burbur pinella liquid supplements nutramedix

    Ahhhh, the sweet smell of spring! There is nothing like stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air. The warm sunshine has a way of putting a smile on your face. And then you get hit with the sneezing, itching eyes, and runny nose – what gives!

    As much as you want to take advantage of the warm weather months, seasonal allergies, dirt, and debris often have another plan in store. So how can you stay healthy? Luckily, there are a good number of healthy habits to start to stay in good health so you can get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

    4 Ways to Stay Healthy

    Your health does not need a spring cleaning – just some home maintenance. Follow these steps to stay healthy in the spring.


    1. Stay indoors during peak hours and keep windows closed

    By midday (morning through early afternoon) the air outside becomes thick and full of dirt, debris, and other toxins that could interfere with clear breathing and trigger your seasonal allergies. For that reason, it is best to stay indoors during those times in order to stay healthy. If you must do outdoor activities, aim to do so in the early morning or evening hours when the air is clearer.

    In the same sense, keeping your windows closed may help keep the toxins out. Though opening the windows when the weather is beautiful seems like a good idea, it is not if you want to stay healthy.


    2. Use a saline nasal solution

    The saline solution found in nasal rinses are simply a saltwater mixture. Nasal saline sprays and rinses may help rinse away pollen and other dirt and debris that enter the nasal passages and trigger your seasonal allergies.2 Plus, they may help support clear breathing by moisturizing nasal cavity and removing encrusted material.

    A few drops of saline solution before bed may keep you in good health and help you enj...

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